Rhema Studies of Theology Association

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Rev. Dennis Lewis, ordained as a Licensed Minister in 2011, is currently the Vice-President of Rhema Studies of Theology Association (RSOTA)  and serves on the teaching faculty of RSOTA Biblical Training.  

Rev. Lewis is a graduate of RSOTA Biblical Training with a Certificate (2008) and Diploma (2010). In addition, he has received his Bachelor of Theology (2010) from California State Christian University and a Masters of Theology (2012) from Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary.

He is an active speaker in churches across the GTA, which fuels his passion for the Word of God... to study it, to live it, and to expound it.

Finally, and most importantly, God has blessed him richly with a beautiful wife, and three lovely daughters. To God be all the glory.

Rev. Sheila Herbert is the Student Dean of Rhema Studies of Theology Association.

Rev. Sheila Herbert graduated from The Toronto Gospel Lighthouse Institute 1988, as well as Rhema Studies of Theology and Bible Studies with Certificate 2002, Diploma 2004, a Certificate from Commonwealth Avenue Baptist Church 2004. She also graduated with the Bachelor’s Degree from California State Christian University 2011 and a Master of Theology (M.Th. ) from The Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary. Ordained as a Licensed Minister with Rhema Studies of Theology Association, October 27, 2013. Rev. Sheila Herbert is the coordinator of Bible studies with Young at Heart seniors group, and a member of the Missions Task Force at Commonwealth Baptist Church.


Dr. Austin Smith, B.RE, D.P.C. (Hon.) is the Senior Pastor of The Toronto Gospel Light House and a Certified Pastorial Counsellor.    

Pastor Smith studied at Lighthouse Biblical Institute (1982-89), as well at the Bible Institute of Christian Counselling and Theological Studies (2001). 

He has had mission trips to India, Africa and the Caribbean. He is the Vice-President of Faith Ministerial Fellowship of Canada and Director of Ordaining Council of Rhema Studies of Theology Association He holds a Bachelor Degree in Christian Education from California State Christian University (CSCU) 

Rev. Dexter Arthur became a member of RSOTA in January 2003, where he currently serves in the capacity of Teacher in the Easttend Campus.    

Rev. Arthur has developed an insatiable appetite for the study of God's Word, after surrendering his life to Jesus Christ in January of 1982.    

He conducts conferences and seminars in both the United States and Canada on the following biblical topics:    

 End time prophecy    

 The mark of the beast    

 The return of Christ    

 The book of Revelation    

 The book of Daniel    

 The new world order    

 The Antichrist    

 The tower of Babel 

He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from the Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary.

Rev. Robert Atkinson is the founding pastor of Puritan Evangelical. He is a husband, a father, and a son. He is committed to the preaching of the gospel. He previously made several appearances on the popular T.V program “Night Light” a Huntley Street Production. He presently serves on the teaching staff of RSOTA.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Theology) from California State Christian University and a Master of Theology (M.Th. ) from The Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary.  

Canadian Business English {Humber College} Church History, Hermeneutic, O.T. Survey- Wisdom Literature Homiletic-Preaching, 

Old Testament Survey, Systematic Theology 1

N.T. Survey-The Epistles {Canada Christian

College} Natural Theology; Boolean Logic; Christian Philosophy of Science; Eschatology {Overseas}


Recent addition to Rhema Studies of Theology Association (RSOTA) teacher's faculty in November 2014, Minister Mitzie Doyley has made history at RSOTA as being the first female professor on staff. She is in fact a recent student of RSOTA who joined the school in 2008 and a graduate of RSOTA Biblical Training with a Certificate (2012), Diploma (2014) and has received her Bachelor of Theology (2014) from Mount Olive Bible Institute Seminary.

Mitzie is an active minister at her home church Light and Life Ministries under Bishop John C. Taylor and has served in the areas of Praise & Worship, Sunday School Teacher and currently still serves as part of the Bishop's Administration Team as the Office Administrator and has also started and heads the New Converts class.  Education: - Bachelor of Administrative Studies- York University (2005) - Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Administrative Professionals Certificate - CMC (2001),- Effective Supervisory Management Certificate - Aplus Achievers (2001), - Accounting and Computers Diploma (Honours 93%) - The Toronto School of Business (1998), - OSSD - Brother André Catholic High School (1989)

Professor Joseph is a dedicated preacher and teacher of the kingdom of God. He serves on the Pastoral Staff of Faith Restoration Assembly (Scarborough) and the Biblical Training department of Rhema Studies of Theology Association (RSOTA) where he teaches the Association's curriculum. Professor Joseph also serves on the RSOTA's Ordaining Council.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Theology) 1989 from Canadian University College, Alberta, Master of Arts and PhD degrees in Theology (2012) from Atlantic Coast Seminary, Florida. Pastor Joseph has been blessed with many decades of service in Youth Ministries leadership, Choir and Worship Team leadership, Prayer ministries and Church Administration. Dr. Joseph is a tireless Biblical researcher specializing in Biblical languages and Christian Counselling. Among his interests are the creative arts, drama, song-writing, nature pursuits, and photography.

Work experience
Elementary and High School Teacher, Govt. and private. electronic Technician, social services Worker, Toronto, Labor Activist.

Please consider taking the opportunity to become a student or a member of Rhema Studies of Theology Association.

Rev. Dr. Otto B. Clarke is a dedicated servant of the Lord. He is an ordained licensed Minister and currently serves on the Pastoral staff at the Hamilton Church of God under the leadership of Bishop Williams. He also functions in the capacity of the Board, the Financial Team, President of Men’s Ministry, Altar Ministry and Worship Team Ministry.

He is an active expounder of the Word of God and speaks in various churches across Ontario. He also lectures and conducts seminars and ministers as the Lord directs.

Rev. Clarke is a graduate of Rhema Studies of Theology Association (R.S.O.T.A.) and has received his certificate and diploma from this organization.

He also holds a Bachelor of Theology degree (B.th) and a Master of Theology (M.th) and Doctor of Theology (D.th) from the Mount Olive Bible Institute and Seminary. 

He has recently started a west end campus for R.S.O.T.A. in Hamilton, Ontario (September 2017) where he currently teaches.

His challenge to individuals is; not to settle for simple solutions but learn to make intelligent choices. Make a decisive choice to seek things pertaining to Christ, make a distinctive choice to serve God only, and to make a committed choice to study the Word of God always. Make an intelligent choice to become a student of R.S.O.T.A. Bible today.

St. Andrew Trade Training Centre "Certificate" in Fabrication and Welding Technology.1969.Kingston Jamaica.

Humber College 1984 Automatic Machining Tecnology, Specialty, Multi Spindle Machining and Set up.Toronto. Toronto School of Business . Diploma in Business Administration, and Tourism and Travel 1993. Queensway Cathedral School of Ministry. BTH. Program.

1983.Toronto # Acts. of the Apostles. # Hebrews,#Counselling. #1st.Corinthians, and Lay Leadership International. School of Discipleship Training. Certified Lay Minister. Leader .1984

Pathway of Discipleship. 101-103 Series Studies. Graduated Canadian Institute of Christian Counseling. and seminary.(Certified Pastoral Counselor) (Order of Pastoral Counselor.) C.P.C. O.P.C. August 2012.Hon. Dr. of Divinity. From" Canadian Institute of Christian Counseling and Seminary. August of 2012.

Marital Status: Married (married in August 2, 1980) Wife's Name: Pearl Children: Andrew, and Joanna
" Printing - 1969 to 1973
" Mech. Eng. Technician - 1973 to 1979
" Plant Engineer - 1979 to 1985
" Company Director - 1985 to 1993
" Factory Worker - 1993 to 2002
" Educator - 2002 to Present
" Full Technological Certificate (Plant Engineering) - City and Guilds of London Institute:
" Endorsement Certificate in Mechanical Engineering - College of Arts Science and Technology,  Bachelors of Science in Electronics Eng. Technoloy - DeVry Institute of Technology.
" Bachelor of Theology - California Christian State University
" Diploma in Biblical Studies - Rhema Studies of Theology Association
" Certificate in Biblical Studies - Rhema Studies od Theology Association
" Reading
" Poetry
" Home Improvement
" Gardening