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Clergy Renewal Form

Please Update the form with Current Information: Email and Phone Number.

Please complete the renewal form. If there are no changes to your Status, please print your name, sign and date the form. Email to The yearly fee is $75.00

Please make money order payable to Rhema Studies of Theology Association (Not RSOTA). Mail the money order to the address on the form. For E-transfer use email

There is an option to have your picture on the Clergy ID card cost is $30.00. If you want this option, please enclose a passport size picture Note: if you have a picture ID card to replace the picture with the new one, there will be a setup cost of $30.00.




Spouse Name*

Type of Ministry*

Mailing Address*


Email Address*

Church Name*

Signature (Please type your full name) *


By typing your name you have agreed to all the requirements of RSOTA. *

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